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Thursday 12 January 2012

Home made photography table 2

Another great way to make your own photography table on the cheap. For this I used standard household things and a few bits and pieces bought in a hardware store. The beauty about this set up is that it can be folded and tucked away in the corner when not in use and can easily be taken anywhere. It cost next to nothing.
This is what I photographed (click on the picture for bigger view):

To see how I made the table, click "read more" below

I went down to the local hardware store, purchased a couple of saw horses or trestles, a sheet of glass and a sheet of white flexible plastic board (about 3mm thick), a couple of lengths of 2" by 2" wood. I had an old clothes hanger and standard clips I used to hang the background cloth (the type you often used in offices). I use the clothes hanger a lot in my studio, it has pieces of velcro glued to the frame, so I can easily attach different kinds of cloth to it for diffusing light and backgrounds, wheels and is adjustable in height.

For lighting, I used house hold desktop lamps (the kind with clamps) and a home made lamp from a couple of bits I bought in an electrical/light shop. An old microphone stand was used to hold the overhead light.

The small reflector board is made of styrofoam cut to size and taped together so it is free standing.

Here is the set up:

The black plastic mesh I used for the effect under the glasses was purchased in an art supply shop.

For a white background I bought a big sheet of tracing paper from an art supply shop and an extra light under the table. Styrophoam board was used as reflector boards under the table as well as behind the top lights.

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