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I am a freelance photographer based in Taiwan, Asia. Photography is a passion as well as a job and Taiwan is a paradise for photographers. I am a product photgrapher, portrait photgrapher, wedding photgrapher, and commercial and editorial photographer. I also photograph a wide range of topics including travel and culture events here in Taiwan. As a sideline, I also teach scuba diving and run guided photography tours, photography courses and guided hikes in Taiwan.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Media interview for Pazza

First Exhibition Media Day!

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I had a media interview today, and will be in some of the newspapers and on the TV news here in Taiwan.
My first exhibition is still on display and will be until the end of July. I have sold 4 pieces which the money will be donated to the ShowChuan Hospital charity. Hopefully I will be able to sell more in order to raise more money.

China Times:

Apple Daily



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