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Monday 5 December 2011

DIY studio

Photography is an expensive business to get into, especially if you start getting into studio work. Anything which was made specifically for photography costs a lot. Often ordinary househouseld things can be used which are as effective. Many things such as diffuser panels can be made at home from cheap materials or things bought at an art shop. After extensive searching on the internet, I found several articles on how to make things yourself and put them together in a document. The credit for the contents of this document must be given to other people as all I have done is download it from various places and put it into a single word document.

I often go to the local art shop where I buy 3ft by 6ft foamcore board to use as reflector panels or 2mm thich sheets which i use as diffuser panels. Some I have painted black and taped together so they are free standing and can be used to absord light. From a clothes hanger with wheels, I stuck velcro to the frame and turned it into a 4ft by 8ft diffuser panel on wheels. The velcro allows me to stick different kinds of cloth on it according to what use i need.

Here is a link to the document:


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