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Monday, 5 December 2011

Home made product photography table

An easy and cheap way to make a great product photography table.

I found this a very convenient solution to photographing products at home or out on site. This table is made from normal shelving brackets and sections bought from a hardware store, round head bolts and wing nuts for easy assembly, and a 3mm thick sheet of translucent PA board (it is called PA in Taiwan, maybe PP in other countries). The shelving sections slot together and the PA board fixed down with the bolts and wing nuts, it takes about 10 minutes to assemble. It is pretty much the same as pre-made product photography tables, except the back doesn't swivel and it cost a fraction of the price, 2000 NTD (Taiwanese dollars, about 40 US). The table is 75cm high, 75cm wide and 90cm deep. The back stretches up to 150cm which I have found to be more than enough to photograph small to medium size products. The shelving sections can be bought at different sizes, therefore the table can pretty much be made to any size required. The table can be used as it is or paper of any colour can be put over the PA board. I also use a 2mm sheet of PA board which I clamp to the sides of the table to form a dome to photograph metal or glass products.
photography table

example product


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